A Pocket Full of Wonder

Kari Herbert (Credit: Huw Lewis-Jones)

Kari Herbert (Credit: Huw Lewis-Jones)

How do we find wonder in the modern world? Author, traveller and artist Kari Herbert explores how reconnecting with nature can reset our connection to the world around us and how we can bring moments of wonder into everyday life.

Taking the TEDxTruro audience from the Arctic to the desert, Kari will talk about her early childhood living with a tribe of Inuit in the most northerly settlement in the world and what it means to be an explorer. Sharing stories, images and techniques that she uses to create meaningful journeys, Kari provides inspiration and tools for those who want to seek out their own wonder-filled experiences, whether at home or in the wilderness.

About Kari Herbert

As an author, traveller and artist, Kari has had vivid and varied experiences of living and travelling in remote places. She first started travelling at the age of ten months when her father, pioneering explorer Sir Wally Herbert, took his family to live with a tribe of Polar Inuit on a remote island off the coast of Northwest Greenland. Exploration and shaping stories have been her passions ever since.

Kari’s work has been published in magazines and newspapers all over the world. Her first book – The Explorer’s Daughter – published by Penguin, was aired as Book of the Week for BBC Radio 4. Her other books include Heart of the Hero, which drew attention to the remarkable achievements of the wives of celebrated explorers, and the international bestseller Explorers’ Sketchbooks, co-authored with her husband Huw Lewis-Jones.

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