The wonder material of the 21st century

Monica Craciun and Dimitar Dimov

Monica Craciun and Dimitar Dimov

Graphene – the material that you find at the end of your pencil – has been hailed as a wonder material of the 21st century, capable of revolutionising the way our technology works, making it stronger, better and faster.

From a new ‘green’ concrete that will reduce carbon emissions by 50% to wearable, textile-embedded smartphones which are virtually unbreakable and health monitoring tattoos that transmit data directly to your GP, Monica Craciun and Dimitar Dimov will explain how graphene could change our lives for the better.

About Monica Craciun and Dimitar Dimov

Monica Craciun is Professor in the Engineering Department at the University of Exeter and a leading expert in nanomaterials. She has been awarded a prestigious Engineering Fellowship for Growth, aimed at maintaining UK’s leadership in Advanced Materials (which is one of the eight Great Technologies identified as crucial for the future prosperity of the UK).

Dimitar, who is currently a Research Consultant at Cast, was Monica’s PhD student at the University of Exeter. He came up with the idea of using graphene to make concrete stronger, which ultimately leads to 50% reduction of carbon emissions in the construction industry. His invention attracted a lot of media attention and got shortlisted for the UK TechFest 2018 awards.

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