The dolphin dating game

Kari Herbert (Credit: Huw Lewis-Jones)

Nicola Hodgins

When Nicola Hodgins, head of science and research at the Whale and Dolphin Conservation, spotted a fleeting glimpse of an unusual looking dolphin off the North West coast of Scotland it started a quest to find out more. Was this a hybrid between two dolphin species? And if so, why had this happened? At TEDxTruro she will share her passion for these incredible creatures and discuss some of the reasons that dolphin species may interbreed.

About Nicola Hodgins

Aged just four, Nicola announced her intention to work with dolphins. However, hailing from inner-city Glasgow, no-one took much notice. Yet today, after working on numerous marine conservation projects around the world, becoming a PADI Diving Instructor and acquiring a degree in Marine Biology, Nicola works for the international charity Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) heading up their science and research work. After spending so much of her adult life in far-flung countries throughout Africa and Asia, Nicola has come back home, and perhaps appropriately, a focal area of interest and study are the dolphins found off the North West of Scotland.

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