Understanding consciousness through psychedelics

Peter Sjöstedt-H

Peter Sjöstedt-H (Photo: Stephen Bowman)

Legal restrictions on the use of psychedelic drugs forced them underground and brought clinical research to a halt until recently. But now psychedelic drugs are again being explored as therapeutic tools to treat PTSD, depression and anxiety. Set against this ‘psychedelic renaissance’, philosopher of mind Peter Sjöstedt-H will discuss the hidden impact psychedelics have had on philosophy – from Plato to Penzance ‘chemical philosopher’ Humphry Davy and many others.

Peter will also discuss the impact that such extreme, altered modes of mind can have upon our understanding of consciousness. Could psychedelics give us answers to some of the big questions facing the philosophers and scientists of today?

About Peter Sjöstedt-H

Peter is an Anglo-Scandinavian philosopher of mind and author. He lives in West Cornwall and is engaged in his PhD with the University of Exeter, where he also teaches philosophy modules and writing skills. Peter is the inspiration behind the inhuman philosopher Marvel Superhero, Karnak.

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