Don’t forget the fungi

Sacha Dench (Credit Ben Foster)

Rachel Warmington (Credit: Ben Foster)

In a fascinating talk, plant pathologist Rachel Warmington will get us thinking about fungi. Often overlooked and undervalued, fungi impact our lives in many positive ways, from helping us grow crops to providing life-saving drugs. With ongoing research into using fungi for building materials, textiles, water filtration, waste clean-up, getting rid of plastics and pest control, the potential for these amazing organisms to improve our lives is huge.

About Dr Rachel Warmington

Rachel is the plant pathologist at Cornwall’s award-winning Eden Project, where she is responsible for detection and control of plant diseases, as well as keeping an eye on soil health. She completed a PhD at Warwick University, working on a fungal pathogen that affects more than 400 plant species, for which she was awarded the Marsh Horticultural Science Award in 2013.

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