The power of strength and resilience

TEDxTruro sponsor John Harvey of the Samphire Club shares his thoughts on the first TEDxTruro and the talk that stood out for him.

My stand out memory from TEDxTruro last year was Victoria Milligan’s talk. She spoke about the speedboat accident in Padstow which killed her husband and one of her daughters, and left her with serious injuries.

I spend a lot of time in Padstow as my mother lives there. I was in her garden on the day the accident happened and I remember seeing the air ambulance and so much activity happening as the rescue got under way. News quickly spread through the town and we all shared in the horror and shock of what had unfolded. A fun, family day out had turned into everyone’s worst nightmare.

Since then I’ve followed Victoria’s story and admired her strength as she raised funds and awareness for Cornwall Air Ambulance, which did so much to help her family that day.

Although I’ve read interviews with Victoria and seen her speak on television about her experiences, being in the room while she gave her incredible TEDxTruro talk brought home even more how strong and resilient she is. There is something very exposing about standing on that famous TED red circle in front of strangers and sharing your story, but I’m so glad that she found the strength to do it. I’m sure that her story will help many people who are grieving or coping with tough times.

Because the speakers stayed all day and shared lunch and coffee breaks with us, I had an opportunity to speak to Victoria on the day. That’s another reason why being at a TEDx event in person is so special.

Being involved in TEDxTruro as a sponsor has given me so much. The day itself was a wonderful chance to step off the treadmill and take a step back to listen and think. I’m looking forward enormously to the 2017 event and being inspired by more great speakers.

Watch Victoria’s powerful talk.

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