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Andrew Finley: Thinking differently

  Attending this years event, Andrew Finley shares his thoughts on the close links between TED and creative thinking. So, I was asked to consider why I enjoyed TEDxTruro so much that I immediately booked for this year when tickets became available. This got me thinking about thinking. It’s a delight and a curse, at … Read more

Top 10 TED Talk Tips

Sue Bradbury joined the TEDxTruro team last year to work with our group of speakers.  Last year I was lucky enough to be invited to help out with the first ever TEDxTruro event. Having taught public speaking for years, the prospect of working with those chosen to share their ideas was exciting. The reality, though, … Read more

“It was a fantastic event and very insightful. Loved it. Very rare to have an event of this quality in Cornwall. Extremely well organised, with great talks!”