Going Beyond Barriers

Attending this years event, Eva Seymour tells us why this year’s theme spoke to her.

I’m really looking forward to this year’s TEDxTruro event because its theme, “Beyond Barriers,” will doubtlessly tackle change, and change – even if it’s for the better – is always tricky.

I feel like this upcoming TED event is already doing that thing TED does, making something (in this case, the theme) that’s general and universal, resonate in a particularly personal way.

I’m interested in hearing about the potential that other people found in moving “Beyond Barriers.” My choice of copywriting as a career has been shaped by childhood experiences that included translating and interpreting for my parents who emigrated to the UK from Poland.

Being the only one in the family who could move seamlessly between English and Polish and bridge that language barrier was just one aspect of helping them be understood and understand. It gave me an early lesson and valuable insight into how effective communication is about so much more than getting the words academically correct.

It’s something far more nuanced that takes in culture and relationships, and needs to be adapted for different audiences. The TED talk format, with its focus on compact storytelling, gets us to pay greater attention to the stories of our own lives and use these to communicate in a more powerful and relatable way.

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