What to expect when you attend TEDxTruro

With less than two weeks to go, the countdown has officially begun for TEDxTruro 2017.

This year’s event tackles the barriers that surround us in life, society, technology and beyond. If you’ve never attended a TEDx event before, here’s some top tips on what to expect on the day.

Come as yourself

Breaking down barriers starts right at the door, meaning we want all our guests to come as themselves. There’s no need for formal dress, suits or business attire. There is no dress code – just come in whatever is comfortable.

Don’t miss out on a cup of coffee

Our agenda is packed at the seams with inspirational talks and videos that we can’t wait to share. Be sure to be prompt, so you don’t miss out on that first cup of coffee of the day or a great seat in the theatre. Arrival tea and coffee is from 8.30am, with a prompt start time of 9.30am.

BYOWB (Bring your own water bottle)

Keep hydrated throughout the day is really important and we also want to support the powerful message that Heather Koldewey discussed last year about rethinking our need for plastic bottles. Approximately 8000 tonnes of plastic is entering our oceans every year, help us proactively support this cause by bringing a refillable water bottle with you on the day.

Take a look at the day’s agenda

Be sure to familiarise yourself with the day’s agenda. Lunch and refreshments provided, with comfort breaks throughout the day. We also recommend you bring an extra a bottle of water with you in case you get thirsty during the sessions.

Discover our speakers

Each of our speakers have their own story to tell, exploring their personal barriers they’ve broken down, giving us food for thought and inspiration to take home. Get a head start and take a look at who will be speaking by reading this year’s speaker bios.

Take some time to talk to others around you

We have lots of opportunities for you to meet likeminded attendees. Our breaks in-between sessions are a great opportunity to compare notes with those around you and meet new people.

Prepare to be inspired

Every person’s story is different, unique and resonates with each of us in a different way. Whether you can relate to the speaker on a personal level or find their words aspirational and thought-provoking, we promise there will be at least one talk that will get you thinking.

Consider your own barriers

Walls are all around us, and in different shapes and forms. We want everyone to take the time to reflect on what their own barriers are – past and present.

Prepare to tell us what you think

After every event we ask our delegates for their valuable feedback. Be sure to flood us with comments, speaker suggestions, improvements and highlights of the event, so we can be sure to implement them in 2018.