Don’t forget the fungi – Eden Project expert on why fungi are so important

As we get closer to the big day we are finding out more about our amazing speakers. Rachel Warmington is the plant pathologist at Cornwall’s award-winning Eden Project and will be joining us at TEDxTruro to get us thinking differently about fungi. Here’s the lowdown on her talk, ‘Don’t forget the fungi’.

Rachel Warmington

What is the big idea you will be sharing at TEDxTruro?

Fungi are incredibly valuable to our lives on this planet, yet their importance is often not recognised – we should make more effort to conserve them and to fund research into fungi.

How is your idea going to change the way we look at the world?

It will highlight how crucial fungi are to our everyday lives. We need to value these organisms that people often view as a nuisance because their food has gone mouldy, or a fungal disease has attacked the ash tree in their garden. It is easy to forget the role fungi play in our ecosystem, and how many other uses mankind have found for them.

TEDxTruro’s theme this year is ‘Wonder’ – what inspires wonder in your life?

I am lucky to work in an amazing place, the Eden Project, with a diverse mix of people who constantly inspire wonder in my life. From the horticulturalists to the engineers to the storytellers, everyone at Eden is so passionate about their work.

What is your favourite TED or TEDx talk?

The 3 A’s of Awesome by Neil Pasricha from TEDxToronto 2010.

TEDxTruro 2018 takes place on 26 October at Truro & Penwith College. Exploring the theme ‘wonder’ our speakers will cover diverse topics including cyber security, antiobotics, psychedelics and cakes. Tickets are available here and are £50 each plus an admin fee of £3.