The Big Picture – photographer Hugh Hastings on why we should never forget the past

As we get closer to the big day we are finding out more about our amazing speakers. Photographer Hugh Hastings was the official photographer for Chelsea FC and has given talks on photography around the world, so we are delighted he can join us at TEDxTruro. Here’s the lowdown on his talk, ‘The Big Picture’.

Hugh Hastings

What is the big idea you will be sharing at TEDxTruro?

That in a fast-moving world we should never forget that the past is always a great source of wonder. I’m a photographer, so photography is my thing, and today we take more photographs than ever before. Now it is up to us to make sure that we understand how our minds work in relation to our pasts, and that we know better than ever before how to keep these images safe to ensure that we are able to tap into our heritage.

How is your idea going to change the way we look at the world?

By encouraging people to look back as well as forwards. There is no shame in being nostalgic. It can teach us all a great deal.

TEDxTruro’s theme this year is ‘Wonder’ – what inspires wonder in your life?

In my own life, it has to be the sea - I spend a lot of time on it, in it, or simply near it. I could not live without the sea on my doorstep. In the wider world, it is the ability so many people have to find a way through hugely negative, life-changing situations that amazes me.

What is your favourite TED or TEDx talk?

Amanda Palmer ‘The art of asking’ for being brave, vulnerable, creative, intelligent and trusting. I love it!

Who else are you excited to see at TEDxTruro 2018?

Sacha Dench, The Human Swan. What a crazy idea! I can’t imagine doing this myself, what a ride this is going to be!

TEDxTruro 2018 takes place on 26 October at Truro & Penwith College. Exploring the theme ‘wonder’ our speakers will cover diverse topics including cyber security, antiobotics, psychedelics and cakes. Tickets are available here and are £50 each plus an admin fee of £3.