A Pocket Full of Wonder – author Kari Herbert on creating a wonder-filled life

At TEDxTruro author, traveller and artist Kari Herbert asks how we find wonder in the modern world in her talk, ‘A Pocket Full of Wonder’.

She first started travelling at the age of ten months when her father, pioneering explorer Sir Wally Herbert, took his family to live with a tribe of Polar Inuit on a remote island off the coast of Northwest Greenland. Kari’s first book, The Explorer’s Daughter, was book of the week on Radio 4. She has gone on to write several more books including the international bestseller, Explorers’ Sketchbooks, co- authored with her husband Huw Lewis-Jones.

We asked her what we could expect from her TEDxTruro talk.

Kari Herbert

What is the big idea you will be sharing at TEDxTruro?

I believe that being in nature can reset our connection with not only the world around us, but also deeper aspects of ourselves. I will be sharing some stories and a fun technique I've learned along the way, which I think can help bring more wonder into daily life…

How is your idea going to change the way we look at the world?

The world is a wonder-full place! But most of us are so busy, so immersed in work, technology and social media, that we miss many moments of wonder that are right there, just waiting to be experienced and witnessed. I hope that my idea can help fill a few more pockets full of wonder.

TEDxTruro’s theme this year is ‘Wonder’ – what inspires wonder in your life?

The word 'wonder' encompasses so much. But for me, nature is the thing that inspires wonder the most. I have enjoyed the most intense experiences of wonder in remote places; places where the power of nature feels infinite. But there are so many other things that also inspire wonder for me: deep human connection and compassion; beautiful pieces of art, music and literature; or astonishing break-throughs in science and technology. And rainbows always bring a tear to my eye.

What is your favourite TED or TEDx talk?


It's so hard to narrow down my favourite, but Sir Ken Robinson's talk Do Schools Kill Creativity is extraordinary. He is a superb speaker. As a creative and a mother I find the subject very powerful, and yet Sir Ken delivers it with such humour. It's a joy to watch.

Who else are you excited to see at TEDxTruro 2018?

It will be lovely to meet all the speakers. However I'm particularly looking forward to chatting with Sasha Dench. I included her in my write-up for the Guardian newspaper of the ten most inspiring adventures of 2016, and I think her journey was very special. Naturally, being a keen cake baker (and cake eater), I'm also very excited to meet Christine Jensen of Peboryon.

TEDxTruro 2018 takes place on 26 October at Truro & Penwith College. Exploring the theme ‘wonder’ our speakers will cover diverse topics including cyber security, antiobotics, psychedelics and cakes. Tickets are available here and are £50 each plus an admin fee of £3.