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Time is Precious

Victoria Milligan

Technology and Health - there’s an App for that

Craig Newman

Under Pressure and Under Control

Sam Amps

Divorce, Separation: Love your Children no Matter What...

Herve G Wery

Is Life Tougher for Short Men and Overweight Women?

Jess Tyrell

The Coastguard’s Daughter: finding a story lost at sea

Olivia Lowry

Fresh Thinking on Fishing

Chris Williams

Searching for Life in Distant Solar Systems

Nathan Mayne

Optimistic Oceans

Heather Koldewey

Sea Shanties

The Aggie Boys

Do what you can’t

Max Caddis

Overcoming the fear of Down's syndrome

Hayley Goleniowska

Transgender: a mother’s story

Susie Green

Street Cramps: a 15 year old tackles period poverty

Bimini Love

Lets talk about Bob: a tale of depression & the importance of conversation

Emma Wright

Robots, AI and why the butler didn't do it

Will Jackson

The frontiers of taste

Fred McVitie

Sea turtles united by oceans

Brendan Godley

Inclusion: for pity’s sake?

Joanna Grace & Chlöe Salfield

Death and resurrection with the UK's largest mechanical puppet

Will Coleman

Music in mind

Duncan Williams

Neurodiversity: an untapped resource for future inventors

Shawn Brown

The strength of adaptability: achieving the impossible

Laura Penhaul

Haunting Cornish folk songs

Kezia Barr

Every breath you take – how cell barriers protect the body

Professor Simon Jackson