The Coastguard’s Daughter: finding a story lost at sea - Olivia Lowry

When the coastguard of one Cornish village enlisted at the outbreak of the First World War, it was his wife and two teenage daughters who took up his mantle.

They became the coastguards, keeping watch over the boats and the bay, staying strong and lighting the way. Explore the stories to be found and the significance of sharing them.

Olivia is a Cornish writer and performer who is inspired by the role of storytelling in heritage, conservation and community.

Olivia set up a theatre company Oh My Clementine to write and produce a lyrical theatre production, ‘The Coastguard’s Daughter’. The production brought to life the true story of the previous inhabitants of her home in Cornwall one hundred years ago – those who lived by the rhythms and the rules of the sea and the changing tides of time.

Olivia graduated with a degree in English Literature from the University of Exeter in 2011 and then completed a Masters in English Literature from the University of Bristol in 2014.