Is Life Tougher for Short Men and Overweight Women? - Jess Tyrell

Advances in genetics and the availability of ‘big data’ with studies including hundreds of thousands of people offer researchers an opportunity to first identify trends in our society, then crucially, find their causes.

Her findings will get you thinking. Is the link down to low self-esteem or depression? Or is it to do with discrimination?

Jess Tyrrell was born and raised in Cornwall and is passionate about developing world class research within the county. She is a researcher at the University of Exeter and works with big data and genetics to try and unpick causal relationships from the mass of correlations or associations. Most of her work focusses around type 2 diabetes and obesity which costs the global economy over £300 per second.

Jess graduated with a Masters in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry from the University of Oxford in 2007 and then completed a PhD at the University of Exeter’s Peninsula Medical School.