Searching for Life in Distant Solar Systems - Nathan Mayne

We know many other planets exist, orbiting distant stars. These exoplanets are common and a huge number are likely to be ‘Earth-like’.

Nathan will explore our search for evidence of other life and will explain how the study of the atmospheres of exoplanets will be key in this mission.

Nathan Mayne is a senior lecturer of astrophysics at the University of Exeter.

Nathan grew up in Cornwall, and after being inspired by two of his physics teachers at Pool School and Community College, went on to study physics at the University of Exeter. After gaining a Master’s degree, Nathan completed a PhD on young stars at the University of Exeter, followed by two postdoctoral research positions at the university.

His work now focusses on exoplanets (planets which orbit a star other than the sun). He has worked closely with staff at the UK Met Office to find ways to model the atmosphere of exoplanets and is now linking this research to our own planet’s changing climate.