Time is Precious - Victoria Milligan

A speedboat accident in Cornwall left Victoria coping with grief, supporting her surviving children and adjusting to life with a disability.

She says: “I now tick boxes, which I could never have dreamed of: widow, trauma victim, amputee and bereaved mother.” Victoria knows more than most how precious time is and will share how she has coped with this unimaginable tragedy and devastating loss.

Victoria Milligan is a fitness instructor whose life changed one afternoon in May 2013 when she was involved in a speed boat accident in Cornwall. Her husband Nick and eight year old daughter Emily were killed and Victoria lost her left leg below the knee.

Soon after the accident Victoria threw herself into fundraising and has pushed herself physically, learning to walk and then run again on a prosthetic leg. She is training for her first triathlon this summer. Victoria is also a regular on ITV’s Lorraine show, mentoring viewers who have been through challenging situations.