From C to B(e) – Opening Spa Doors to People Going Through Cancer

Given that WHO (World Health Organisation) predict that one in two people will be diagnosed with cancer, there has never been a more crucial time to ensure that the well-being and spa industry open their doors to everyone.

Recent research showed that 96% of spas were turning away people who were going through cancer. Made for Life has had the vision of moving this figure to one which shows 96% of spas opening their doors to people with cancer. The journey has been transformative on a personal level, for the therapists we have worked with and for the people who have been able to walk into a spa to be nurtured. It has simply been a journey from C to Be. Amanda Winwood is CEO (and Queen of Hugs) at Made for Life Organics and Founder of the Made for Life Foundation. From the heart of Cornwall, Amanda has pioneered ethical and organic skincare and wellness for over 16 years. Amanda and her team have trained over 1000 therapists in spas across the UK to confidently open their doors to people with mental health issues and also those going through cancer. Made for Life Organics was the first UK Spa brand to receive BCorp certification.