From Idea to Reality

We all have ideas. These ideas can come from the least expected of places within our everyday lives. Sam’s talk explores how we react to ideas and how easy it is to not react and just let them pass.

Sam tells of how a dissatisfactory experience with an online purchase led to a question about how that product could be improved how a trip to the supermarket inspired an idea to develop an environmentally-friendly packaging solution that’s attracted global attention. Sam’s worked in the design industry for over 15 years and runs an award-winning commercial interior design agency with his twin brother Will. Working nationally and internationally, they’ve built a reputation for creating spaces that are intuitive and functional for the end user. Raised in Cornwall, Sam and his brothers discovered surfing at a young age. Well aware of the impact plastics are having on the ocean environment, Sam's inquisitive mind led to the idea for Flexi-Hex. Originally developed for surfboards, their plastic-free packaging product now has applications in many market sectors.