Perfectionism – The Battle of Never Feeling Quite Good Enough

Have you ever felt that you can always go the extra mile, do things better or work harder? Do you find you’re never satisfied with your achievements?

Are you ever good enough? While both a positive and negative disposition, perfectionism can have an intense impact on your life. Through her own experience as a perfectionist, Julia shares what she's learnt and implemented to make her life more enjoyable and to feel better about herself. Explaining what perfectionism is and how it affects daily life, Julia discusses the tools she's used to help her cope and how perfectionism can teach us about the way we navigate and apprehend our emotions. Julia moved to Cornwall four years ago and works for Engine House, an animation studio in Redruth. Along her outwardly successful path, she’s faced inner struggles linked with perfectionism. This has had a considerable impact on both her personal and professional life. Through coaching and cognitive behavioural therapy – as well as self-awareness and mindfulness – Julia’s learnt to manage the challenges brought on by perfectionism.