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Part 1 – 9.30 to 11.00

Joanna Grace & C hlöe Salfield – Inclusion: for pity’s sake?

Susie Green – Transgender: a mother’s story

Frans Lanting – Photos that give voice to the animal kingdom TED Talk

Brendan Godley – Sea turtles united by oceans

Will Coleman –  Death & resurrection with the UK’s largest mechanical puppet 


Coffee break


Part 2 – 11.20 to 12.45

Max Caddis – Do What You Can’t Video

Shawn Brown – Neurodiversity: an untapped resource for future inventors

Duncan Williams – Music in mind

Kezia – Haunting Cornish folk songs

David Burkus – Why you should know how much your co-workers are paid TED Talk

Fred McVittie – The frontiers of taste




Part 3 – 1.45 to 3.15


Will Jackson – Robots, AI and why the butler didn’t do it

Laura Penhaul – Achieving the impossible

Simon Jackson – Every breath you take: how cell barriers protect the body

Juno Mac – The laws that sex workers really want TED Talk

Emma Wright – We need to talk about Bob: a tale of depression, enlightenment and the importance of conversation




Part 4 – 3.40 to 5.00

Hayley Goleniowska – Overcoming the fear of Down’s syndrome

Jeanne Gang – Buildings that blend nature & city TED Talk

Colin Leggo – The curse of Poldark

Bimini Love – Street Cramps: a 15-year-old tackles period poverty


Watch TEDxTruro Live Here

“It was a really great day, well organised, with a great mixture of speakers. I look forward to attending another one, which I hope won’t be too far away…”